Yurt Kits vs. Permanent Yurt Structures

The dream of living in a yurt and escaping the hustle and bustle of an urban dwelling is on the minds of many people these days.  One of the most common questions that people run into when considering yurt life is whether to build a permanent yurt structure or use a yurt kit. 

And in order to answer this question, many more basic questions must be addressed such as, “What is a Yurt Kit?” and “What is a Permanent Yurt Structure?” After understanding those answers, you might wonder, “What are the pros and cons of each option?”

Today, we will explore each one of these questions in order to provide insight into what solution is best for you. 

At SimpleTerra, we sell yurt kits that have afforded many people the ability to live their dream life.  So all the information we provide about yurt kits will be specifically about our own kits.  If you choose yurt kits from another company, the answers may be different.

But no matter what option you choose, yurts are a wonderful way to live a sustainable, environmentally conscious, beautiful life.  So, let’s get started!

What is a Yurt Kit?

Many people seeking out alternative living have chosen to purchase a yurt kit due to many of the attractive features of this option.

A yurt kit is a package containing nearly everything you will need to set up your yurt.  It can be purchased easily online from  stores like SimpleTerra. It is delivered right to your construction location, and it is easy and straightforward to assemble. 

Instructions that arrive with a yurt kit make this alternative, sustainable home a fairly easy DIY project! 

And even though these yurts are straightforward in their construction, they are still very sturdy and reliable housing options. 

Nonetheless, these yurt kits are not permanent structures. Similar to yurts that have been built in countries like Mongolia for hundreds of years, these yurts can be taken down and moved if needed. And if not needed, these yurts can provide a secure home for a long time.

What is a Permanent Yurt Structure?

A permanent yurt structure is different than a yurt kit in terms of assembly and customization. 

When it comes to the construction, these yurts almost act more like houses than they do yurts. These yurts are often built by construction companies or contractors that specialize in yurts. They are built as a permanent, immovable structure. 

Because they are built from the ground up, they can be customized and changed to specifically fit a person’s needs. These yurts can be multi-leveled, asymmetric, or intricately decorated. 

Similar to a traditional house, permanent yurt structures most often are attached to a permanent foundation and cannot be moved without taking expensive measures. 

What Are the Major Differences Between Yurt Kits vs. Permanent Yurt Structures? 

There are many similarities between yurt kids and permanent yurt structures—they both are typically round structures that require fewer resources including space than a traditional home. 

However, if you are in the market for a sustainable, alternative form of living, you may want to consider the many differences between yurt kits and permanent yurt structures. 

The major differences between yurt kits and permanent yurt structures include: cost, hiring a contractor, permanence of structure and customization. We will compare these different variables for each option.


One of the biggest differences between yurt kits and permanent yurt structures is the cost. 

Yurt kits are an attractive option to many people because of the affordability of these low-impact, environmentally friendly homes. 

Yurt kits can cost as low as $6,937 while permanent yurt structures can cost much, much more depending on the contractors and the level of customization.

Hiring a Contractor

With permanent yurt structures, hiring a professional contractor is usually necessary. With yurt kits, hiring a contractor is not required, but is an option for some people.

Some people who desire an affordable yurt home but are not DIY-inclined may choose to purchase a yurt kit and hire a contractor to set it up.  In doing so, they are still saving on costs since it is much less labor intensive than permanent yurt structures, but do not have to worry about putting it together themselves.

However, others who choose to purchase a yurt kit are eager and excited to take on the relatively easy task of putting together their yurt.  Yurt kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and companies like SimpleTerra provide excellent customer service in case you get hung up or have questions.

On the other hand, some people would prefer to put the entirety of the project in a contractor’s hands. This will come with a higher price tag, but allows for both customization and a hands-off approach.

Permanence vs. Portability

Yurt kits are designed to have the sturdiness and dependability of a home, while still being able to be moved or transported if need be. 

Permanent yurt structures, on the other hand, typically cannot be moved. Because a construction company builds them from the ground up, they are tied to a permanent foundation and immovable.  


Yurt kits do have a few customizable features such as the door, windows, and exterior covering. However, permanent yurt structures are completely customizable down to the doorknobs. 

Every level of customization does include an increase in cost. If you desire a home that is designed exactly to your specifications, however, customization may be an important factor when deciding between a yurt kit and a permanent yurt structure.

Pros of Yurt Kits

  • Very affordable and eco-friendly
  • Fast and easy DIY construction
  •  Portable

Cons of Yurt Kits

  • Limited customization options
  • Generally requires hands-on setup

Pros of Permanent Yurt Structures

  • Physical labor done by someone else!
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited options available

Cons of Permanent Yurt Structures

  • Higher prices
  • Lengthy construction time & potential for weather delays
  • No movability 

Deciding between yurt kits and permanent yurt structures depends on your desires and expectations. If you are still undecided and have further questions, call 1-844-739-2989 to speak with a yurt specialist.