Top 5 Tiny Home On Wheels Bathroom Ideas

The cutest bathrooms are those you can find in Tiny House on Wheels. They are small but incredibly functional, beautiful, practical, innovative and stunningly well-designed. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite difficult to build a bathroom with such limited space.  You have to make it easily accessible and usable at the same time.  Also, you have to cram a shower, sink, and toilet without overcrowding the space. 

Luckily, these top five Tiny House on Wheels bathroom ideas are so smart that you can even squeeze a washing machine and a laundry room in!  Home builders will surely gawk on these designs.

The Organics Tiny House on Wheels

This design best fits the California lifestyle that supports green living.  It is made with a palette of organic materials that divides the walls of the bathroom. It is highly functional and gives a very homey feel.

It supports the teeniest space but is quite shabby-chic. It does not look like all the components of the room were forced together thanks to the white sink and counter tops that make the space cleaner and look larger than it is. 

Each element of the room is properly measured to serve the purpose of full-functionality.  It has a composite toilet, a tub with a shower beside it, storage spaces, and a sink that has flower pots with plants that add a touch of nature to the room. 

Simplistic Bathroom With Tub And Storage

Who would have thought that a Tiny House on Wheels could have its very own Jacuzzi tub, eh?

This bright and simple bathroom design even comes with hardwood floors! Install a granite counter top that has an under-mount sink and you probably just installed everything that you need in a bathroom… and more!

You can also situate a window right above the toilet beside the tub which would add light into the room. You can also add some hanging flowers to give your Tiny House on Wheels a spa-like feel. 

Another design that comes with a tub is The Little Lou owned by Christine Bellmyer. It is built for tiny homes that need to comply with the 200 square feet minimum requirement. 

It is incredibly Eco-friendly and was built with recycled materials.  Its bathroom design is quirky yet highly functional and complete with everything that a bathroom needs. 

It has a composting toilet, comes with an animated bathtub, designed with classic mirrors, and also has a compact sink. Its metal roofing is taken from an old barn including its walls. Generally, this design gives a rustic feel. 

Sink Beside A Walk-In Shower

A gorgeous design for a Tiny House on Wheels is that created by Joel Weber. He is a college student who built his own home thanks to the skills that he acquired as a Design major.

Although this is an incomplete design since he does not have a toilet yet, how the walk-in shower complements the sink is just absolutely stunning.  His design also has a bathtub and shower combo.

The bathroom only uses rainwater and comes with a basin sink.  It has a modern-rustic element but is incredibly unique for a Tiny House on Wheels design.

Joel’s might be lacking a toilet but there is also another Tiny House on Wheels design that has all the features of Joe’s but has a composite toilet installed. 

The Backyard Bunkie design is actually for rent.  It is less stylish compared to Joel’s but it comes with a toilet and was built for a Tiny House on Wheels that occupies 192 square feet. 

Despite the area restrictions, it has all the bathroom necessities. 

There is a shower-bath combo, a pedestal sink with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and a toilet with a traditional flush. It also comes with a class-looking mirror. 

The design is simpler than sleek. It’s fully functional but its parts do not look compounded against each other.

Combining the sleek and modern design of Joel’s and adding the bathroom necessities of the other design would make a perfect Tiny House on Wheels rendition of a fully-functional lavatory.

A Luxurious Tiny House On Wheels

If you are the one who likes to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, this design is for you. The style is very compelling due to the vintage materials used.  These add a touch of class and deep character to the room. 

Turning a small space into luxurious required a little more effort on the finishes.  To give the room a rustic style, add some dark-colored tiles to the floor and walls of the walk-in shower.

What gives it the unique, sleek design is putting a little more effort into the finishes.

You can incorporate dark-colored tiles as the flooring and probably black tiles for the walls of walk-in shower.

You may also incorporate a glass sliding door or a stylish yet sophisticated shower drape to add luxury to space. 

You may also frame the sink with classic wood to give it a classy yet clean look and add a storage space within the frame. 

This allows you to maximize the space and have everything you need in the bathroom in one seating.

The etched glass windows add a shimmer to the bathroom which highlights the luxurious feel of the space.  It comes with a walk-in shower situated to the left of a wood-framed sink.

You may add flower pots that complement the look of the room to add freshness to the space. 

The Retro Tiny House on Wheels Bathroom

If you are more into the retro kind of feel, this design is perfect for you.  It is styled with shades of orange, gray and white, and is complete with everything that you need in a bathroom.

It is built for a 200-square feet Tiny House on Wheels. All of the amenities, the composite toilet, the sink with storage space, the tiny cupboard, and the shower’s floor are white with orange interiors. 

It has a fully functional walk-in shower with hot/cold options. You would actually need to climb two steps before walking into the shower, which is also conveniently located to the left of the toilet.  This maximizes the space and adds a touch of flair to the shower. 

The Takeaway

These top 5 bathroom ideas prove that Tiny House on Wheels is incredibly easy to design if you just put your mind to it.  Attention to detail and maximum function is your top priority in making the most out of your bathroom. These designs help you create a fully-functional, stylish bathroom for such a tiny space!