Tiny Homes for Sale by SimpleTerra

Tiny Homes can give the owner what feels like more freedom in life, both physically and financially. Here are a few fun facts about tiny home owners:

  • 68% of Tiny Home owners do not have a mortgage compared to 29.3% of traditional home owners.
  • 78% of tiny house people own their home, compared to 65% of homeowners with traditional houses. 
  • 55% of Tiny Home owners have more savings than the average American. 

While there are many other exciting reasons to own a Tiny Home; the financials ALONE make a pretty compelling case!

At SimpleTerra we want to provide you with all your alternative living needs.  

Please check out our current Tiny Home Options as we are constantly looking to expand our product line with high quality and functional options!

Chelsea M.

I was blown away by the quality of this Tiny Home. A little extra work to attach the extra ceiling height for the loft but with the Free Shipping To Hawaii it was worth it!

This unit brings a very unique Tiny Home opportunity to call home.  With approximately 200 sq. ft. plus an additional 120 sq ft in the loft space this is a new level in Tiny Home living.

An exterior wood finish, granite countertops, fully furnished bathroom, and pre-installed electrical and recessed lighting have it almost move in ready!

Key Features for this 24' Tiny Home:

  • 320 sq ft of livable space (Main Area & Loft)
  • Sliding Glass Doors or Foldable Glass Doors: We leave it 100% up to our customers what style of doors they would like. This way you control how much of nature you want to allow in on a regular basis!
  • Light or Dark Wood: We allow our customers to choose the color of the wood for both the inside & outside of the tiny home to ensure you are happy with the "style" and "look" of it!

Simply Not What You Are Looking For?

Check Out These Incredible DIY Options That Cost Next To Nothing...

Less is More with a SimpleTerra Tiny House

Perhaps it is a little ironic that tiny house living has become such a huge trend over the last few years, given that the heart of the movement is about ignoring trends in the pursuit of simplicity. 

Tiny house living offers you a wonderful way to get back to nature, enjoy a higher level of energy efficiency, and downsize your possessions so you can focus on your life's true priorities.

While many have chosen DIY options, for others it is much more practical to simply customize something that is already ready to (literally) roll. We offer a great quality structure with beautiful finishes that still saves you a ton of money.

Whether you want to be off the grid or stay connected, our tiny homes come with plenty of electrical outlets, easy-access RV and water connections, and a full bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.

Put your stamp on this SimpleTerra Tiny Home and start enjoying freedom and simplicity!

Get your very own Tiny Home on wheels today!!

24ft Tiny Home - Interior Loft
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I bought the 2 bedroom container home from SimpleTerra for my son and I to live in. It came fully finished and is perfect. My son loves coming here!

Scott H. 

Happy Dad

Thank you so much for the yurt. I am using it as an art studio. The extra windows have added so much light. I now spend most of my days in there.


Artful Yogi

Fast shipping and my tiny home came in perfect condition. Nothing damaged and it looks great. I have spent a couple of nights in it already and it has been great. 


World Traveler