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How Does Container Home Electrical Work?

As you get ready to either buy a prefab container home, or doing it DIY, one of the biggest things that your home will need is power, whether hooked up to the grid or going with solar power. There is a long list of requirements when it comes to installing electrical, and each town, city, […]

What is a Container Home Lifespan?

I’ve been doing research into container homes and since I plan on living off grid, I was curious about the lifespan of a container home, as upgrades or replacements will be difficult to come by, and thought I’d share what I found here. What is a container home lifespan? A shipping container in new or pristine […]

How Do Shipping Container Roof Kits Work?

Most prefabbed container homes won’t come with a roof, other than the flat roof that it comes with. This is typically one of the areas that most people wanting a container home will add first to their new home.  A Shipping Container Roof Kit is one option to go with for setting up a roof, the […]

Container Home Garage Can Hold Which Vehicles?

Shipping home containers are normally used for shipping.  They are durable, sturdy and can handle a lot of freight weight to ship.  They can also hold practically anything you can fit in it.  Even an automobile! In fact, when cars are shipped across seas, up to two cars can be fit in a 20-foot container.  From […]

Container Home Lightning Strikes?

I spent the first decade of my work life in construction and because of that I am very familiar with traditional stick framed homes, but don’t know a lot about container homes. One thing that I was unsure of is how well container homes do if struck by lightning, and if anything is added to […]

What is a Container Home?

What is a container home?  A container home is shipping container architecture.  It’s using shipping containers as a structural element.  A structure element is splitting a complex structure into a simple element.  This means that the structural element cannot be broken down or decomposed into parts of different kinds such as beams or columns.   So what […]

Can Container Homes have Basements?

In recent years, people are turning shipping containers into container homes.  What’s all the buzz around a container home and what makes it so appealing?  If someone wanted to have a basement, or also known as a man cave would it be possible?Why a Container as a Home?People have been turning to container homes for […]

Are Container Homes Hurricane Proof?

Since we added our container home line to our business, we have had inquiries about how container homes stand up to the elements and major disasters. A lot of potential customers out of the South, especially Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama, wonder whether container homes can withstand hurricane force winds and storms.Are Container Homes Hurricane […]