Where Do I Even Start?

Watch The Short Video Below Which Answers The #1 Question We Get Daily...

So Why Did SimpleTerra Start Offering This Service Now?

Simple Answer?

Because on over 50% of the calls we get daily this question was asked at some point in the conversation. 

Longer Answer? 

We literally spent months scanning the internet, trying to find resources to offer our SimpleTerra customers and we could not find a BLANKET STATEMENT that truly helped all our customers...

Check out this example below of states we highlighted with at least ONE truly different requirement than other states:

  • Florida = Wind Rating
  • New York = Circulating Air Requirement
  • Michigan = Snow Load
  • South Dakota = Foundation Dug 5+ Feet For Frost Line Issues

I mean this list just kept going on and on in tiny tweaks across every state that made it impossible for us to issue a plain statement that worked for every customer.

But the calls just kept coming in... People wanted these products!

Because just like SimpleTerra believes in alternative living options; particularly smaller housing options that take on less of an environmental footprint.

So do the thousands of visitors we have to our site each day! 

So we set out to find a real option for our potential customers and we would have to build the service from the ground up in a way no company in this space has done yet!

So Now You Have Two Options...

Let SimpleTerra Do The First Steps For You

What You Get From This Service:

  • Certified SimpleTerra Contractor
    • Licensed and Local To Your Area Who Knows Your City & County Building Codes
  • Our Customer Service Specialist Handling The Initial Communication Between Contractor, Client and City
  • A Full Report Of What Type Of Building / Structure Is Allowed on Your Property
  • What That Structure Can Be Used For
    • Main Residence, Air-BnB Rental, Mother In Law Suite, etc...
  • What Permits Will Be Needed To Put That Structure Up
  • Service Fee You Pay Goes INTO Your Purchase Of A Unit!

Tackle This Project On Your Own

What You Would Have To Do Alone:

  • Find & Background Check Multiple Local Contractors
  • Find & Deal With Your Local County Office
  • Find & Deal With Your Local Permitting Office
  • Schedule Inspectors To Your Property For Water And Electric Lines If You Are Not Living Off Grid
  • Go Back & Forth On What Type Of Structure Is Actually Allowed
  • Search For And Talk To Multiple County Officials On Snow Load, Wind Rating, Earthquake Rating Procedures

I mean this list could keep going on and on if you try to tackle this yourself.

Usually the only customers who we see go this route are ADVANCED DIYers or ACTUAL CONTRACTORS who know exactly what to do from their line of work!

Still Have Questions??? 


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I bought the 2 bedroom container home from SimpleTerra for my son and I to live in. It came fully finished and is perfect. My son loves coming here!


Scott H. 

Happy Dad


Thank you so much for the yurt. I am using it as an art studio. The extra windows have added so much light. I now spend most of my days in there.



Artful Yogi


Fast shipping and my tiny home came in perfect condition. Nothing damaged and it looks great. I have spent a couple of nights in it already and it has been great. 



World Traveler