Free Resources From SimpleTerra & Partners

Below is a list of items we will keep adding to as we find amazing FREE content that is relevant to our customers. 

These free resources may focus on container homes, dome homes, yurts, etc... But they may also focus on solar power, woodworking, DIY options, etc...

This page is meant to be 100% Free for anyone who finds our site and needs guidance in these areas!

Woodworking / DIY Customers

Ted's Wood Working Plans

While this offer should need no introduction as this is the PREMIER woodworking instruction online. 

What is REALLY cool is that Ted has offered 50 free plans for a limited time. Whether this lasts for a couple days or for weeks I have no idea but grab these free plans while you can. 

The amount of detail these plans go into will BLOW YOU AWAY... From the schematics, to the cut / material list; you will leave impressed!

Click here or on the image to grab your free 50 plans today!

P.S. If this wasn't enough you get a 440 Page Woodworking E-Book 100% for free as well...

My Shed Plans

If Ted's Woodworking is #1 in the DIY woodworking niche then there is no doubt My Shed Plans is #1 in the "larger" woodworking projects arena. 

Currently My Shed Plans is offering a 5 free plan giveaway to show you just how detailed each unit plan they offer is. 

Keep in mind that this offer has 12,000 "Shed Plans" and the reason I use quotes? 

Because almost 10% of those 12,000 Shed Plans are actually for Tiny Homes, ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units), Separate Backyard Offices, Cabins, and so much more! 

Click here or on the image to grab your free plans during this limited time it is offered!

The Ultimate Small Shop

This is another great offer that is the last in this series. 

Many people WANT to do their own DIY work but simply lack the space or shop to do so. 

Thing is that getting started does NOT have to cost an arm and a leg.

This 7 Point Guide is the perfect starting point to making sure you setup your woodworking / DIY setup correctly!

Clicking on the video image will take you to the Ultimate Small Shop website to learn even more useful tips (like how to save up to 70% on tools you will actually use). 

Clicking on the button below will download the 7 Point List immediately for you to use!

Free Downloads From SimpleTerra

15 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Container Home...

This is our top PDF download as the majority of our customers are looking at our Container Home Options.

This pdf answers the top 15 questions we get on a week basis.

We have collected these questions over the last 3 years!

It also offers a few insights and suggestions on how to move forward!

Click here or the button below to download!

7 Questions To Help You Find The Perfect Tiny Home On Wheels...

This is the perfect FREE resource for anyone looking to get a Tiny Home On Wheels.

Just because SimpleTerra only offers a single tiny home on wheels option does not mean we can't offer sound advice when shopping around!

This pdf talks about some of the best questions to ask yourself and builders to ensure a quality tiny home!

Click on the link or button to download your pdf!

8 Reasons Why Dome Homes Are The Hottest Alternative Living Trend...

Dome homes have come a LONG way in the past five to ten years. 

Dome Homes used to be an after thought to most people looking to go with an alternative living option.

50+ Year Lifespans however have caught the attention of many!

Now as our 2nd best seller here at SimpleTerra you will not believe some of the amazing advancements that have been done...

Click on the link or button to start download!

16 Things You Need To Know Before Moving Into A DIY Yurt Kit...

Last but not least our cheapest and most portable alternative living option; Yurts. 

These units do fairly well with customers looking for a separate art setup, Yoga Studio or a backyard living space. 

Does great as a main living option!

This list of 16 things covers a TON of information to ensure you know exactly what you are jumping into!

Click on the link or button to download pdf!