Event Yurts For Sale That Can Hold Between 5 and 300 People

Whether you are planning the wedding of your dreams or just want to create a quiet space to get away from it all and focus on your painting, SimpleTerra's event yurts are the solution for you.

We have a wide range of durable and portable event yurt tents that can easily hold 5 people or up to 300. The choice is yours.

All of our event yurt tents are made of high quality, galvanized steel, so they are extremely strong and can handle that little bit of weather Mother Nature throws at you during your next perfect event.

While our event yurt kits come in a wide range of sizes, we have broken them down into two distinct styles:

  • Personal Yurt Kits
  • Large Event Yurts

Personal Yurts For Every Hobby or Small Event

SimpleTerra's personal event yurts are typically smaller and are perfect for a wide variety of uses, such as: 

  • Art Studios
  • Workshops
  • Yoga or Dance Studios
  • Guest House
  • Event Yurts for Less Than 50 People

These are just a few of the uses that we have seen our customers use over the years. The personal event yurts are incredibly flexible, so use your imagination and create your space however you see fit.

All of our personal event yurt kits have the following benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Extremely Portable
  • Can be Setup in Minimul Time (some within hours)
  • Setup Can Be Done with You and a Friend or Two
  • Built to Last
  • Flexible Space for your particular use

A Few of Our More Popular Personal Event Yurts

Square Footage: 76.4

Capacity: 5-10 People

Diameter: 9.84'

Height at Center: 9.5'

Best Used For: Art Studios, Workshops, Fortress of Solitude

The 10' Zion Yurt Kit is the ultimate in personal yurts. Small enough to setup in a few hours with minimal help, yet large enough to hold up to 10 people. It is perfect for any hobby or to act as a shelter for a small gathering.Also, if you crave alone time, this is the perfect man or woman cave!

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Square Footage: 211

Capacity: 20 People

Diameter: 16.4'

Height at Center: 11.2'

Best Used For: Art Studios, Yoga and Dance Studios, Garage, Guest House, Event Tent

The 16' Everglades Yurt Kit is one of our most popular yurts. It is quite roomy with 211 square feet of usable space, yet small enough that it is easy to setup and a breeze to transport. It is perfect for those mid-range activities like yoga or dance studios.

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Square Footage: 540

Capacity: 50 People

Diameter: 26.3'

Height at Center: 14.1'

Best Used For: Yoga and Dance Studios, Garage, Retreats, Workshops, Guest House, Event Tent

The 26' Denali is our largest personal yurt event tent. It will take a little longer to setup but the amount of space is incredible.It can easily hold up to 50, so it is perfect for weekend retreats, organizing workshops or for family reunions and similar events.

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Large Event Yurts For Magical Occasions

Our larger event yurt tents provide maximum space for maximum value. There is a wide range of uses for the large event yurts and in most cases, if you can dream it - SimpleTerra's large event yurts can do it. A few of the uses our customers have used the large event yurts for include:

  • Weddings (both large and small)
  • Family Reunions
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Large Workshops and Retreats
  • Outdoor Parties
  • Dinner Parties

The options are truly endless with the SimpleTerra large event yurts. Big or small, you will have enough space for everyone. Heck, our yurts have enough space that you might even be able to avoid your annoying Aunt Helen for most of the night!

All of the large event yurt tents feature the following:

  • Heavy Duty, Galvanized Steel Frames
  • Four Layers of Fabric for Protection
  • Ability to Customize Color, Doors, Windows and Ventilator Tops
  • 2 Standard Windows for Added Light

A Few of Our More Popular Large Event Yurts

Square Footage: 845

Capacity: 70+ People

Diameter: 29.53'

Height at Center: 15.7'

Best Used For: Mid-Size Weddings, Retreats, Weekend Workshops, Large Parties

With the capacity to hold over 70 people, the Acadia event yurt tent is perfect for most occasions you have in mind. These work really well for weekend retreats/workshops. No special equipment is required to set up these yurts and it goes together relatively easy with some help.

Click Here to Learn More About the 30' Acadia

Square Footage: 1900

Capacity: 150 People

Diameter: 49.2'

Height at Center: 20'

Best Used For: Weddings, Large Parties

The Yosemite Yurt Tent is the premiere event tent for weddings or any large gathering. With 20' high ceilings, you can create a magical wedding venue that can very comfortably hold over 150 people. Plenty of room for dinner, dancing and fun. Your most memorable day starts with the Yosemite Event Yurt.

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Square Footage: 3380

Capacity: 300+ People

Diameter: 65.6'

Height at Center: 24.6'

Best Used For: Large Weddings, Other Large Parties and Events

This is a one of a kind event yurt tent! This is the largest of its kind with over 3300 square feet of usable space (that is more than the average house). This massive event yurt can hold over 300 people, so it is ideal for the wedding couples with a lot of friends and family.

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SimpleTerra Event Yurt Features That Has Everyone Talking

4 Layers of Protection

All of the SimpleTerra Event Yurts - whether large or small - come with the patented 4 layer protective canvas system. This system will protect you and your guests from the elements while also keeping the yurt cool or warm depending on the season.

The 4 layers included are:

Waterproof Outer Canvas

This is the colorful canvas that everyone sees. It is made of a thick gauge, waterproof material to keep the rain and snow away from you and your guests

Plastic Vapor Barrier

The next layer of protection is a thin sheet of plastic vapor barrier. Any moisture that seeps through the outer layer will be stopped at this vapor barrier level.

Insulation Layer

This thick cotton layer of insulation is what will keep your event yurt at the perfect temperature. Keeps the heat out in the summer and the heat in during the cooler months.

Silk Inner Wall

The final layer is the eye-catching silk cloth that drapes the inside of the yurt. This elevates the style of your yurt with a very fashionable wall cover.

The Easy-To-Assemble Galvanized Steel Frame System

The beauty of owning a SimpleTerra Event Style Yurt Tent is being able to easily setup and take down your yurt whenever you please. With our Easy-To-Assemble system, you can put our smaller yurts together in a few hours. Some of the larger yurts will take longer but it is still simple to build.

The video on the left shows just how easy it is to assemble one of our event yurts using the simple snap and screw process.

Not only is it easy to build the event yurt but the galvanized steel frame is also durable, strong and will hold up well for years to come. We only use thick steel tubes and tracks that are both anti-corrosive and anti-rust to ensure that your event yurt lasts well after the events have ended.

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