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Why Are Tiny Houses Eco Friendly?

The growing popularity of tiny houses is greatly due to the growing interest and active involvement of people in caring for the environment.  Living in a tiny house begs the question: what can you live with and what can you truly live without?  This way of living directly impacts what you put out in the environment […]

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Tiny Home On Wheels?

Tiny homes on wheels have been famous for years due to their high mobility and affordability.   It even comes with all the basic necessities that a minimalist homeowner would ever need.  The question is: how much does it really cost to build a tiny home on wheels? This question is usually answered with a base price.  […]

How Many Tiny Homes Can Fit On An Acre?

Tiny homes have garnered popularity in recent years.  It has stormed media outlets and several television shows that feature the benefits of living a simple life.  They are particularly preferred by young adults who are just starting to live an independent life due to the cost-cutting advantages it provides.  People who are determined to promote environmentally […]

Are Tiny Houses Energy Efficient?

Tiny houses have steadily been growing in popularity within the United States thanks to its mobility, affordability, and sustainability.  These benefits are clearly quite appealing to a modern-day homeowner who’s looking to save more money on home maintenance costs, as well as having the added benefit of being able to move.  Another key advantage of tiny […]

Are Tiny Houses Environmentally Friendly?

Population growth is among the inevitable problems of the world.   As families grow larger, the demand for real estate also rises.  Unfortunately, prices have gone up and scarcity is a given.  Thus, people have started to adapt to living in tiny homes to live in an environmentally friendly abode to conserve the Earth’s resources.  Simplification is […]

Tiny Homes: What You Need To Know

The Tiny House Movement has gained its popularity as an efficient alternative living for United States families.  It lets you save the environment, diminish home expenses, conserve trees, and innovates ways of living.   Let’s get a better understanding of what Tiny Homes are all about!What Qualifies As A Tiny Home?The Small House Movement is […]

Can Tiny Homes Solve Homelessness?

Homelessness is an inevitable problem in the United States since the real estate crisis of 2007-09.  In order to determine a solution to this social problem, it’s necessary to know the factors that cause it. What Are The Causes of Homelessness?There are a lot of reasons that result in homelessness.  The most common reason is when […]

Are Tiny Homes Well Insulated?

People have a lot of concerns whenever people tell them that owning a tiny house is the best alternative living of today’s society.  Some feel doubtful about living in a limited space and how it would be powered up without electricity.  Most people also ask the question: are tiny homes well insulated? The answer is DEFINITELY […]