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Is A Shipping Container Pool Right For You?

Shipping container pools have been a growing trend in today’s modern homes. They offer maximum convenience at a relatively low price. Their costs are significantly lower than installing a standard concrete pools.   The idea of converting these shipping containers into pools also contributes to the conservation of the environment. Recycling them promotes the efficient use […]

Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

Sustainable and efficient living is a growing trend in today’s real estate business. Shipping containers are now used as container homes instead of being used as tools to carry goods on trains and other modes of transportation. In fact, a small shipping container may serve as a home for some with just 100-square feet of land […]

Is Yurt Electricity Easy To Install?

The first recorded Yurt was in 400 CE. Since then modern conveniences have found their way into these traditional dwellings. Electricity is one of the modern conveniences that can be added to your yurt unlocking the potential for lights, outlets, along with heating and cooling options if desired or needed. Is Yurt Electricity Easy To Install?  […]

How Dome Home Kits Stand Up To The Toughest Weather

Dome homes are sphere shaped, and have many advantages over traditional built homes. They tend to be eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and they are engineered to withstand the elements. Dome homes have been proven to survive things like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. There are two types of domes, Monolithic and Geodesic. Monolithic domes are made from concrete and […]

Pros and Cons of a Container Home Guest House?

Looking for a way to bring in some extra income? Need a space for guests staying with you but your house is already crowded? If you have the space in your backyard then one idea would be to put a shipping container home back there.  The best thing about it is you can make money off […]

DIY Guide To Building Your Own Yurt Greenhouse

Yurts have been in existence for at least 2500 years, according to written history, but probably have been in use much longer than that. Yurts have been growing in popularity over the last decade as an alternative living home for those that don’t want traditional stick-framed house. Yurts are versatile and are used now days in […]

How Does Container Home Electrical Work?

As you get ready to either buy a prefab container home, or doing it DIY, one of the biggest things that your home will need is power, whether hooked up to the grid or going with solar power. There is a long list of requirements when it comes to installing electrical, and each town, city, […]

What is a Container Home Lifespan?

I’ve been doing research into container homes and since I plan on living off grid, I was curious about the lifespan of a container home, as upgrades or replacements will be difficult to come by, and thought I’d share what I found here. What is a container home lifespan? A shipping container in new or pristine […]